Dessicated Dodo Party Location thoughts

I posted this to the Minicon 49 event/group on Facebook since some people only really do Facebook, figured I'd post it here since some people primarily talk Minicon on LJ. Would love to hear thoughts from folks on this. Am I alone in missing the Monday party at con hotel? Are there out of towners who'd stick around longer if the party was there? Am I just more wary of crowded parties than others? I'm genuinely curious what folks think.

Anyway. What I said:

I hear the Dessicated Dodo party tonight is crowded, which seems to be typical. Once upon a time, for financial reasons IIRC, a decision was made to move the Dessicated Dodo Party (a.k.a. Dead Dead Dog party) on Monday night from the con hotel to the home of a local fan. This seems to be the way things have been done now for quite a few years, despite different people running the con and so on.

I really miss having the Monday night party at the con hotel. I found it was easier for non-locals who were still at the con hotel to attend. Also made it easier for people who had time to wind down post-con on Monday to find people to hang out with at the hotel. I think it sometimes led to more volunteers being around and grabbable for help with final move out and tear down bits on Monday. May also have led to more people deciding to get rooms at the hotel on Sunday and/or Monday nights.

I should think that paying for one of the big suites (like the bar) wouldn't cost too much to make this do-able. We usually had a good group of people who helped pack up the last of the consumables late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning when the party finally ended/wound down. My husband (Kevin Austin) also pointed out that even if the con just kept one of the cabana rooms, there'd still be room for people to hang out and possibly game in the Garden Court area, provided the hotel was cool with that (as in there wasn't another group coming in to use that space on Monday).

Of course one also has to be considerate of hotel guests on Monday night and be quieter to avoid noise complaints, but in my experience by Monday people are generally quieter or could be convinced to be quieter. Monday night party generally doesn't go as late as Sunday night's.

Anyway. I mention this, while it's fresh in my mind, as something to think about for next year and future Minicons. I know I've passed on the Dessicated Dodo party more than I might've in recent years due to knowing it'd likely be very crowded and I figured it was more important for concom and non-locals still around to be able to attend.

Anime for Speculative Fiction Fans list

For those of you who were at the "Anime for Speculative Fiction Fans" panel but didn't get to write down all the recommendations, and those who missed the panel, a list is at my blog...

Minicon 50 Registration & Survey

Found this URL on the form for pre-registering for Minicon 50:

By the way, you can register at the Minicon 49 rate even from afar via this page:

Intermediate Writers Gathering

Howdy, Fourth Streeters!

I was talking to some folks last year, and around the 'net betimes, and we agreed that there's a dearth of resources and support for intermediate-level writers. There's a ton of resources out there aimed at beginners, and the established pros generally have their own things going, but that gap in the middle is... well, a gap. And since I fall in that gap myself, I naturally want to do something about it.

And what better way to start than by having an Intermediate Writers gathering at 4th Street? Janet has kindly agreed to squeeze us in on Friday night after dinner. If you consider yourself an intermediate writer, come and hang out with people who're in the same boat as you, or at least floating on the same water and wondering where all the paddles have gone. Network with other intermediate writers. Meet potential critique partners. Share resources and tips. Have fun. Have snacks.

So what, you may ask, is an intermediate writer? Well, if...'ve finished a novel (or the short-story equivalent)'re frustrated with the beginner-level discussion on most writing forums've given up on events that are filled with wannabes and info you could find in fifteen minutes with Google, but you still want resources and friendly folks you can learn from're querying, you're submitting, but you don't yet have the street-cred of publication

...then you might be an intermediate writer.

Interested? If this is what you've been waiting for all your life, or even something you'd like to stop by and check out, please comment here or drop a line to me at dm6psn9b7q AUTON snkmail DALEK com (replace the obvious alien invaders with the appropriate punctuation), just so we can get a rough head-count for planning purposes. Any questions or observations, ditto.

BBT #2 (and beyond?)

It appears the second issue of the Bozo Bus Tribune is online, I think we're up to issue three here at the con by now (at least), I imagine a person could keep watch on the directory where these things are uploaded in hopes further issues appear.

useful Minicon info found elsewhere

First issue of the Bozo Bus Tribune came out last night already, it's available for download as a PDF here:

And here's a PDF of the pocket program:

Programming Grid:

Chronological Program Book Content with Descriptions:

Facebook Group for Minicon 49:

Minicon 49 Website:

2 hanging out by railing overlooking the pool
8 gaming on the bar patio
10 in the consuite bar
3 in adjoining room to bar
At least 4 roaming around
Your humble roving reporter
Unknown number inside consuite or otherwise behind closed doors.

For at least 28 people awake and gaming, drinking, and/or conversing in public Minicon space at 2 a.m. Friday.

Here are a few highlights from the programming schedule, that might not be very clear from a more truncated description.

7:00PM - SF Squeecast is a double-Hugo award winning podcast "In which a group of SF and Fantasy professionals squee about things SF-nal, in a never ending panel discussion of vague positivity." The format of the show involves each contributor bringing something to the table and explaining its appeal before inviting wider discussions from the test of the panel. Novels and TV shows are routinely discussed, but objects for discussion have included music, video games and even the Hugo Awards themselves.

8:30PM - Dr. Seuss Made Me A Fan - A brief discussion of what makes Dr. Seuss special, followed by some dramatic reading of favorites. This panel will round out with a read-off of "Fox in Socks." If more than one person gets all the way through, the next challenge will be to recite the work from memory. The winner will receive a prize of questionable or better value.

Everyone is welcome to compete in the "Fox In Socks" read-off, and it's scheduled toward the end of a child's day. Milk and cookies will be provided to any young people who would like to view the bedtime story shenanigans.

QR Code for Minicon Grid

For those of you with smartphones, the following QR code directs to the web page with the programming grid. There will be a few copies of this posted around and about Minicon.

You will need an app that recognizes QR codes to be directed to the web page from your phone. I use "Barcode Scanner," and I have no complaints.

Minicon Programming Schedules sent

Notice for folks who have signed up for Minicon panels!

The very last of the panelist emails are being sent now.  Unless you have a reading scheduled in the reading room, you should have received your schedule, and even then you might already have one.  If you have not received a schedule and you think you should, please let us know at  If you have received a schedule and you see any errors, or you need to drop any panels, or if you are not comfortable moderating something that you've been asked to moderate, please also let us know.

If you have received a schedule, and you're happy, and you know it, clap your hands.  Beep, beep.

Here is a link to our Programming Panels Grid.

Here is a link to our Chronological Program Book Content with Descriptions.
First Step Cinematics LLC, out of the Houston-Galveston area of Texas, is proud to present their first cinematic release, Frankenstein's Monster. Minicon has a tradition of honoring SF in book format, and this is a steampunk adaptation that stays true to the spirit of Mary Shelley's novel.

For the price-tag of a motorcycle, this 108 minute film was shot in 14 days. The community of actors in this film hail from New York, California, Texas, Siberia, Spain and Italy. 10 out of the 18 member cast are Shakespearean trained actors, and 8 of the 32 cast and crew are educators. The youngest actress is 16, and the oldest actor is over 70.

The film will be shown in Cinema Obscura on Saturday, April 19, 2014, from 4:00pm-6:00pm

A trailer for the film appears below.


Panelists requested, donated fabric requested

We could really use more panelists for the following panels: "Younger than YA" - a panel about young children's SF, and "Anime for Speculative Fiction Fans," - a panel that's pretty clear as to topic,

Two panels that have more complex descriptions could also use panelists

"The Future of Cities"
The past century and a half has seen explosive urbanization. Despite a few counter-examples, this continues today. But what will cities be like a century from now? Will people be packed into dense City cores, with high-rises are more livable and human-friendly than those we see today? Or will the rise of telecommuting and robotic production mean that most people will choose to live, not in suburbia, but in the actual rurual countryside? What will be the consequences of these two divergent choices? Or are they actually compatible? and "Post Humans in Space.".

"Post Humans In Space"
A great deal has been made of the fact that humans are no more adapted to life in free space than the first lobe-finned fish were to life on land. But unlike those primitive animals, we are now approaching the point where we can guide our own evolution. Given the assumption that we want to colonize space, which modifications are we likely to see? How does this compare with the ideas we have seen in SF, such as Bujold’s quaddies and Cadigan’s sushi?


  • Non-panel related - The Rumpus Room could use donated fabric for kid's costume building before the costume contest. Kid's costume building will be in Ballroom A.

Name that costumer for "Rex"


I'm hoping someone can help me here. I'm one of the archvists for the International Costumers Guild. I have a clip from the 1997(?) Minicon masquerade, where a three part presentation of ST: TOS was put on. I'm having a little trouble understanding the credits and hope someone can identify/help with spelling. The gentleman that played Kirk was John Renz(?), but the operator of the infamous "Rex" was something like "Sve Resiay". Does this jog anyone's memory?


Cinema Obscura's first block of fan films will run on Saturday, April 19, 2014, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. One of the most anticipated fan films in our lineup is a 15-minute short from Justin Zagri. The Greater Good is set approximately 100 years before the events of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and  chronicles a fateful event within the Dumbledore family.

A trailer for the fan film appears below.


Well, the news of the saucer been a-flyin' around
I'm the only one that seen it on the ground
First thing I seen when I saw it land
Cats jumped out and they formed a band

Flyin' saucer rock and roll, Flyin' saucer rock and roll
I couldn't understand the things they said
But that crazy beat just a stopped me dead

 --- "Flying Saucer Rock'n'Roll" -- Billy Lee Riley

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012) is a musical homage to those cheesy sci-fi movies of the '50s and '60s. Shot in black and white, it's funny, quirky, and weird. It also features cameos by Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and Paul Williams (Battle for the Planet of the Apes). Past Minicon Guest of Honor Chris Garcia has lauded about this movie in his fanzine, The Drink Tank.

This film will screen in Cinema Obscura on Friday night, April 18, 2014 at 8:00pm.

An excerpt from a film review on the website appears below:

The fashions are from the '50s. The cars are from the '60s. There is a rock star — "The Man with the Grin" Mickey O'Flynn — who seems to come from the '70s. We are told he is a member of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, which was founded in the '80s. The camera one of his fans uses to take a picture of him is clearly from the 21st Century.

It is a truth accepted by all but the most humorless film fans that a bad movie can be good fun. This is very bad movie that is very good fun. That it was the lowest grossing film of 2012 and the last film ever shot on Plus-X gives viewers two reasons to seek it out. I hope this review, and the few like it that are dotted across the internet, provide a third. Any film made with this much spirit deserves an audience far bigger than the one it can get by playing on one screen in one theater in Kansas.

"The Ghastly Love of Johnny X" is terrible. I loved it.

The trailer appears below.

 And here is a sample of a muscial score from the movie


The meeting tomorrow is at our house. We have cats; the front section is cat-free but of course some dander and hair gets carried up on our clothes, so it still may not be good enough if you're allergic to the little darlings. Smoking outside, sorry. Not anything like child-proof, but kids welcome (wrangle your own).

I'll be offering turkey barley soup and fresh bread around dinner time, and Pamela is making a vegan soup and more bread.

Hope to see you!


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