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Home. Alive and Home.

I'm just back from many fine adventures in New York since Wednesday evening. My trip home turned into the only unwelcome adventure of the weekend -- it took me a little over 3.5 hours to get here rather than the usual two. The good news is that by hanging around talking to Joe Siclari for as long as I did today meant that I was 2-5 miles behind the multi-vehicle accident in Danbury that closed all the of east-bound lanes of I-84 rather than in it, or anywhere nearby when it happened. The current report is that one person died and two are injured. One reader, Robert from Danbury, posted the following description in the comments section of the online News-Times article I found:

A red pick up truck heading west was cut off, then ran onto the median then hit the guardrail, went airborne and landed on a silver Honda Civic four door. The pick up burst into flames after the accident. Several people who saw the accident happen, said that two people in the Honda were still alive. Witnesses also said the driver of the truck walked away with minor injuries. The two vehicles were very far apart with the Honda on the right side medium the truck came to rest on the passing lane, facing east bound. Very horrific accident. From the dashboard up there was nothing left of the Honda. The center of the truck was about 4 feet above the rest of it. I have never seen anything like before.

(Of course, the New-Times website tagged me as being from Chicopee, MA, so there's really no telling where Robert is from. Their comment form doesn't have a field for entering your location.)

I joined the traffic jam somewhere between two and five miles behind the accident, about 15 minutes after it happened. (I don't know where it was between exits 8 & 9 -- I was about a mile back from exit 7). I crept along for awhile, then pretty much sat for another long while. After spending 30-45 minutes going, well, a few hunded feet, I bailed onto Hwy 202 east even though my Connecticut map was out-of-reach. I guesstimated from the limited info I found on maps I could reach from the driver's seat, then confirmed everything when I stopped for gas a long time later. Note to self: have the pertinent maps readily to hand when taking off on future trips! Not just in the car, but within reach.

I took back roads to Windsor, where I picked up I-291 East. Until I was back on the interstate, speed limits varied from 25 mph to 45, and only rarely rose to 50. But all of those speeds were faster than sitting still and I saw some very pretty little towns before night fell.

I'm glad I didn't stay on I-84. I would have been sitting there a long, long time. And I'm *really* glad I talked with Joe for as long as I did rather than heading out about 15 minutes earlier....

Although it's not every day you get to see a flying red pickup truck.

All things considered, I'm grateful for that.

My condolences to the friends and loved ones of the person who died, and best wishes for quick recoveries to the two who were injured. Perhaps they were just trying to get home, too.


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Oct. 15th, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)
I usully try
to have maps of where I'm going when I'm not familiar with the roads.

That said, in the KC area I have The Knowledge (as if the area were London). From western Wyandotte county to eastern Independence, Olathe up to St. Joseph, cornes like Lee's Summit, etc. I have a mental picture of the roads,

The only brain fart on travel I've had was a couple of weeks ago when we had the NASCAR meet during Faire. On Saturday night I made the error of calling in my dinner order into a restaurant where the owner knows us BEFORE I left the parking lot.

Got down to State Avenue and realized the traffic was parking lot. Did a 180 and went back around to 7 highway, went to Parallel, went a couple miles then it gelled up. Turned left on a road I knew was through and went up to Leavenworth Road, which has the advantage of several signals, which help spead traffic rather than letting it gel. Was about 20 minutes later than I estimated for Mr. Po and he was worried about me.

He's new to the U.S. and asked if this NASCAR thing was common. I assured him it was just a couple weekends a year, and only one weekend where I was working on the other side of it. Dinner, as always, was yummy. (mini shrimp shu-mai, pork and cabbage soup) all for $11 including tip.
Oct. 15th, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear you are OK.

I've started taking the Merritt / 15 from NYC area to Hartford / 91 whenever possible. I find it is shorter and most people stay away from it because it is windy so I can usually make good time.
Oct. 15th, 2007 01:46 pm (UTC)
Is there a fannish ghod who protects fen on their travels? Perhaps it was this entity at work... mysteriously delaying your departure for your own sake.
Oct. 15th, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
Thank goodness for the Minnesota goodbye.

I can't help wondering about the driver who cut off the red pickup. Did that person even realize that that action was what caused the awful accident?

Oct. 19th, 2007 07:07 pm (UTC)
I wondered about that, too. I haven't seen any more about it this week.
Oct. 15th, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
When we were in Statesboro, GA, my art class went to the teacher's house one time to see his collection of prints. Fabulous stuff -- Bernie had pulled a ton of Posada prints when he found the blocks in Mexico, and it is, in fact, his -- what's the word? -- the ones he pulled that are seen in the Dover and other books of Posada material. He also had the equipment for making just about any type of art print.

His house, on the other hand, was scary. More bugs (by which I mean cockroaches) than I ever saw inside. It was damn creepy. And one time he asked if we wanted to live there. Since we were moving anyway, he reasoned, why not take care of his house for a month while they were out. Oh, sure, I said. Move twice, and spend a month in a bug haven. It took a while to convince him I wasn't interested in it. What about the printing press? You can use it all you want, he said. I knew myself well enough that in a month, I'd get around to it exactly one time less than once.

Why am I telling you this? Because of your icon. The house was on Easy Street. Which, incidentally, was one way.
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