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Sleepover! And other upcoming parties....

Tomorrow, Mark and Priscilla (WANOLJ) are meeting up with Joe and Edie (WAANOLJ) at the wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY. The following day they have plans in Boston. Toad Woods is between Rhinebeck and Boston, and they're going to spend the night here. Yay! I love having multiple guest rooms. Now to come up with something reasonably healthy for breakfast. Much as I'd like to make the blintz souffle recipe carbonel gave me, it's anything but low calorie, low fat, low carbs, or low anything else, either.

So I'll save the blintz souffle for a later, larger party, when I hope even more people will be staying over. And I'll encourage all of you to mark your calendars:

The Zeppelin Hangar Housewarming Party here at Toad Woods will take place on Saturday, November 27, 2004, starting at 2pm and going until the last guest leaves. Out-of-state guests are especially welcome to come early and stay late. Real beds in two guest bedrooms, a double-high inflatabed can go in another private area (albeit one still piled high with boxes awaiting unpacking, most likely), and the sofa is comfy for sleeping, too. Wales also boasts two B&Bs; here's a direct link to Laurel Hill. I've met Maggie, who runs the Cora Needham House; it looks charming from the outside, and lists lower rates than Laurel Hill.

It's long advance notice, but I'm also planning on an annual spring party that coincides with the May antiques festival in Brimfield. The first of these Saturday parties will fall on the one year anniversary of my purchase of Toad Woods: May 14, 2005. Coming early and staying late is welcome, again, with bed priority given to friends coming from out-of-state. Visit, party, check out the 5000+ dealers selling their wares just 5 miles away....

Bradley (BDL) is the nearest airport, though Logan (BOS) is also reasonable, and Providence (PVD) probably is, too. For those driving, Wales is 12 miles southwest of the junction of the Mass Pike and I-84. Mapquest directions are good. I'll be putting together a set of directions with commentary, too.

Hope to see you here!


Oct. 16th, 2004 08:47 pm (UTC)
It sounds like great fun. I wish we could be there, but not only is it the other side of the continent, we need to stay close to home that weekend. kalimac's brother is coming with his girlfriend (who lives in Britain -- the brother doesn't) to meet the family. We're all hoping that she's The One.


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