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Still home in Wales

I didn't drive to Canada today after all. A newsletter design project had been giving me difficulties, and I ended up staying up all night beating the layout into submission. It helped to have something else I absolutely had to focus on while also listening to election returns. But it was slow, labored, and only sometimes helped along by taking frequent breaks to track voting results or listen more closely to news reports.

I avoid driving even locally when I've had no sleep; I wasn't about to undertake a long road trip in that condition. So I delayed my departure for a day, firmed up plans to stay with dlacey on my way to Michigan (much to our mutual delight), then napped for a few hours. This afternoon, while I was out running errands, I finally went into The Wayward Bookman, a used bookstore less than a mile from my house. It's across the street from the former tavern built in 1733 that attracted me to the Town of Wales in the first place, and I'd been meaning to check it out ever since the first time I saw it.

It's much better than I expected. The books are organized rather than jumbled, and they're well organized at that. I went in hoping to find a book to read on my trip. Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver is heavier than I want to tote with me everywhere, even if I am eager to read the rest of it, and I'm likely to finish The Secret Visitors by James White before I leave. I picked the latter up at the Noreascon 4 TAFF auction and am glad to discover I can still clearly hear James' voice even in his very early work.

Okay, I knew I'd very likely walk out with more than one book, much though more than one sf fan can attest to the fact that I am capable of walking out of a bookstore empty-handed. But on my first visit the The Wayward Bookman, under the influence of recent sleep deprivation? Not bloody likely. Here's my haul:

John McPhee: Coming Into The Country
John McPhee: The Control of Nature
John McPhee: The John McPhee Reader
Sue Grafton: "O" Is for Outlaw (The mindless roadtrip book, though I'll also pack one or two of the McPhee's for less mindless reading.)
James DeMuth Small Town Chicago
and two photography books:
Sharon J. Wohlmuth, Carol Saline: Sisters
Peter Blake: God's Own Junkyard: The planned deteriorataion of America's landscape

An after-the-fact
abebooks.com search left me quite satisfied with the prices I paid, and Very Pleased in one case. I'll be visiting The Wayward Bookman again, as frequently as I dare. Fans coming to my housewarming (or for other visits) may well wish to do likewise. It's tasty.

Tomorrow I drive from Wales to London. The one in Ontario, that is.... Email connectivity is likely to be light for a bit; I've become quite thoroughly spoiled by having high speed and wireless pretty much wherever I go, and that's not the case for most of this trip.

Onward. And All That Jazz....


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Nov. 4th, 2004 04:07 pm (UTC)
Tomorrow I drive from Wales to London. The one in Ontario, that is....

I haven't driven between those two, even approximately, but I have driven to the better-known Wales from the better-known London. A little unusual, considering which chunk of land I actually live on.
Nov. 4th, 2004 05:02 pm (UTC)
Did you notice that Ted Taylor, McPhee's hero in The Curve of Binding Energy, died the other day? He designed bombs at Los Alamos, worked on the legendary bomb-propelled spaceship Project Orion, devoted himself to preventing further proliferation of nuclear weapons, and tried to develop energy conservation and new energy sources.
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