Geri Sullivan (gerisullivan) wrote,
Geri Sullivan


It looks like Wales will have good voter turnout numbers by the end of the day. Mine was ballot #402 at 11 am. There was a sign at the intersection of Monson Road and Hwy 19 reminding people to vote today at the Wales Senior Center. (We voted at the Elementary School before the new Senior Center opened about 2 years ago.)

Wales is small; I didn't expect much in the way of a line. Not only was there no line, election worker Leis Phinney saw me walking in. I heard her giving my last name to the person with the voter book covering the last third of the alphabet. Not only was there no waiting, I didn't even have to take the time to state my name.

Much to my pleasant surprise, we have stickers this year. I don't remember having them in 2004, and we don't normally have them for the smaller elections, either. Not only did we have stickers, we had a choice -- "I Voted Today" or "My Vote Counts." I liked the "My Vote Counts" design better, and it also reflects a truth I hold dear. Every vote counts. It doesn't matter if my ballot is in complete agreement with all of the winning candidates and propositions, in complete disagreement, or someplace in between, as is usually the case. My vote counts. And if the election is run properly, so does each and every other one of the votes validly cast. I thank everyone working on the elections to assure they are valid and the results reported are accurate.
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