Geri Sullivan (gerisullivan) wrote,
Geri Sullivan

Ackerman RIP announcements on Thursday were premature

The information in this post could easily be outdated within minutes or hours, but as of right now, I understand that the reports of Forry Ackerman's death are premature.

At 1:33 am EST Friday, Earl Roesel.scarletstreet posted the following message from Joe Moe on page 19 of the Forrest J Ackerman ailing tread:

Joe Moe asked me to post this...

Forry is still with us. He's not well but hasn't decided to leave just yet. Please don't think harshly of fans who may've jumped the gun on his obituary. Many are concerned, distraught and confused about the situation. Be assured that Forry is not hurting. I'll post a more detailed account of the happenings around the Acker-mini-mansion tomorrow.

Thanks for your support, Joe Moe

Early Thursday, the British Fantasy Society mistakenly posted that Forry had died. About 24 hours later, Guy Adams posted an apology and correction. Several other usually reliable sources including and Locus Online also mistakenly announced Forry's death Thursday.

Folks who are visiting Forry daily are reporting that he is very frail, with pneumonia and congestive heart failure, and that he's not expected to live much longer. An accurate RIP announcement could easily come at any time, but he's reportedly Not Dead Yet.

The LASFS website has a page with updates on Forry's condition. For the next couple of days at least, I'll rely on the information posted there. Further details are available in the posts on the Classic Horror Film Board.

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