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2004 Year in Review Meme

From tammylc

Take the first sentence from the first post of each month. That's your year in review.

8680 pounds. Pistachio buttercream. A dozen years ago, I was in Northern Ireland on St. Patrick's Day, visiting Walter and Madeleine Willis at their home in Donaghadee. Offer/counteroffer/etc. accepted and agreed to. So, I'm in N'Awlins this weekend, staying with Guy and Rosy Lillian, who live just on the south edge of City Park, for those who know the city. Some boxes, you open, unpack, and put stuff down or away. So, if I'm going to be trufen-dotted as having a weblog pointing here, I suppose I really ought to have something less moldy than a short note of bemusement from three weeks ago. The Zeppelin Hanger is looking more itself than ever this week, as the painters are just a short day short of finishing their work. Four months ago Tuesday, I moved into Toad Woods. There's a new yet familiar sound here at Toad Woods. Many thanks to pnh for posting the excellent news and congratulations to papersky for winning the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. My life is turning out to be a fair bit more intense that I would choose or want this month, a condition that looks likely to continue for at least the first few months of the new year.

[end meme]

It's missing the business side of my life, but I'm not inclined to post about that. I'm pleased with how much of the moving and settling in progress it captures. As for fannish pursuits, those appear to be more what I did than what I talked about last year. Curious. I hope I remember to see what this meme turns up a year from now.


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