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March 17th, 2004

St. Patrick's Day

A dozen years ago, I was in Northern Ireland on St. Patrick's Day, visiting Walter and Madeleine Willis at their home in Donaghadee. It was one of my homes, too, as Walter, Madeleine, and I shared a sensibility first exhibited by Walter before even my first visit in 1989. He sent several pictures, one of them labeled, -"Sunrise, as seen from your room."-

I've seen a few too many sunrises from my room here at Fanhihall these last few weeks, as I worked pretty much around the clock on what is typically my biggest business project of the year. That was intense, in a good way, mostly.

The next round of in-person househunting was set for this week, but I postponed it until next week when a nor'easter dumped most of a foot of snow in the area I'm looking at in western Massachusetts. We got just a few inches here at Fanhihall, but I'm still glad I wasn't out driving in it yesterday afternoon.

In 1992, we enjoyed a traditional Irish dinner on St. Patrick's Day: take-away pizza. I was so taken aback by the presence of peaches on the toppings list that I didn't order them. I've wondered what they were like ever since. (Haven't tried adding them myself, both because I don't cook all that much, but mostly because what I wonder about is what the pizza shop in Donaghadee did with the peaches, not what I might do with them.)

Lunacon this weekend, then back to the househunt! Fortunately, houses are now coming on the market at a faster pace than they did in January and February. Few of them hold much interest, but there's this 1733 tavern in Wales, and a contemporary nestled in 30 acres of woods in Monson....


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