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This Thursday...

On Thursday, Robin Abrahams -- Boston's very own Miss Conduct and VP, Human Resources at Improbable Research -- is going to be on the Today show!

She'll be talking about layoff etiquette, but I hope she also has the opportunity to plug Miss Conduct's Mind over Manners. It's her first book and it's being released at the end of May. I always enjoy (and learn from) her blog and am eagerly awaiting the book's release.

Robin's scheduled appearance on the Today show is the reason I'm unexpectedly spending the last half of April without a dog. The Ig Nobel Tour of Denmark starts tomorrow and Milo the Moon Dog was originally scheduled to come and stay at Toad Woods while both Marc and Robin were in Denmark. But time didn't do it's job. Time is supposed to keep everything from happening all at once, but on Thursday, the Today show will broadcasting from New York, not from Denmark. So Robin stayed on this side of the Pond, and Milo is staying with her, where he belongs. I look forward to his next visit, whenever that turns out to be.

I have the inklings of a theory. Perhaps time's been laid off. That would explain a lot.

This Thursday...I expect to be watching NBC between 10 and 11 am. On a real TV, if possible, but online at Todayshow.com if need be.

I love living in the future. (Much though the fact that the future is now may well be additional evidence supporting my theory-laden inklings. Hmm....have theory; must investigate. In my Copious Free Time, obviously.)


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