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I've had a fabulous July. Yes, July brought two major problems on the financial front -- one short term, the other long term. But the month also brought:

-- confirmation of a spiff new book project with John D. Berry that I'm eager to get started on

-- two and a half wonderful weeks touring colleges and hanging out with Susan and Gavi

-- a thoroughly delightful birthday box from Aussie fan David Russell

-- multiple lovely as always visits with debgeisler and benveniste

-- my first visit to Mood, of Project Runway fame

-- a fun visit with Joe & Edie and birthday dinner with Ben all in conjunction with Gavi's tour at Barnard

-- Kitty, the lobster Gavi knit under my nose without me recognizing she was knitting a lobster instead of a cat

-- much knitting of my own in anticipation of the arrival of my great-nephew

-- the welcome end of my 8# post-surgical weight lifting restriction

-- a flurry of fun party prep for Reno's final bid parties at Anticipation, including baking and decorating hundreds (and hundreds) of cookies with debgeisler and my first visit to Jack Smillies, a wholesale candy warehouse.

-- design and delivery of the posters and handbills for this year's Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony on October 1st.

-- a new addition to my Twinzy Toy collection. Mistress Mary (quite contrary) was a birthday present for a 1-year-old in 1927. Thanks to eBay, she was a birthday present again 82 years later, this time from an 86-year-old man to his 55-year-old daughter.

And a bunch of other pleasant things I'm not remembering or going into as I type this post and watch the month turn from July to August.

It truly was a glowing man in the moon sort of month, right down to the online replay of the glowing man on the moon mission to mark the 40th anniversary of that historic event.

There was even a lot of sun. That helped counterbalance the monsoon rains (normal July rainfall: 4.19 inches. Actual July 2009 rainfall: 10.81 inches. Drip. Drip.).

Life is good. Hard, but so very, very good.


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Aug. 2nd, 2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
yay on a new twinsey. Just saw an article on new on-a-stick food at Wisconsin? state fair - chocolate-covered bacon on a stick (thought of you for some reason)
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