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Post Con

I've spent the last two days sleeping, eating sushi, soaking in a jacuzzi tub, hanging out with friends, and sleeping some more. Friday I plan to head for Toad Woods, where there is no sushi, no jacuzzi, and friends only at the end of the net connection. I expect I'll be sleeping even more once I get there.

On the personal front, I had the best Worldcon I've had in this millennium.

A few days before heading to Montreal, I wrote:

"I won't be doing my usual all parties all the time routine in Montreal, and I'll step back from the
heavy lifting I usually do without thinking. (It's been a long, long summer on that front.)

"I need to pace myself considerably more than anyone who has ever seen me at a Worldcon has reason or evidence to think possible, including myself."

I failed miserably on pacing, though I was good about backing away from most of the heavy lifting. On Sunday, I messed up on the lifting then spent 36-48 hours lifting nothing over 3-4 pounds and not bending over after my body made it clear that there are still weak spots inside.

Even though I did push myself way harder than was reasonable, the mix of parties hosted, parties attended, good conversations, hanging out with friends, time out of the hotel, real meals eaten, program, and lending a helping hand to the Consuite and other parties was superb.

More later. It's time to sleep now.


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Aug. 14th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
Sorry we didn't see you there
Hi Geri,
I guess you didin't make it to any of the filk track. I was either working at it or performing either with some one else or in concert with my wife Sue. I was looking forward to introducing you.
Oh well! Take care and glad you had a good time.
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