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Congratulations, Canada!

In sudden death overtime, Canada's men's hockey team scored and won the Olympic gold medal 3-2. I didn't watch any of the game, only listened to bits playing in the other room while working and such.

Proud as I am of how well US athletes have done in the rest of the Olympics, I'm delighted that Canada came out on top in hockey, and that the US gave them such a good run for the gold.

Yay, Canada!


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Mar. 1st, 2010 12:40 am (UTC)
Thank you!!! It's a good day to be Canadian.
Mar. 1st, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
I saw the sudden death overtime and it was a phenomanal game for both sides. (Steve watched the whole thing). I even got teary eyed when both teams got their medals. Congratulations Canada!
Mar. 1st, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
Sorry, I meant phenomenal.
Mar. 1st, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm pleased about this as well (though my sister-who actually has a horse in this race*- probably could care less.)

Normally I don't pay attention to the medal tallies, but this does make Canada #1 for most gold, right?
Mar. 1st, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
I've had the TV on to the Olympics all through if there wasn't anything else to watch and what really impressed me was that the US TV reporters were just as enthusiastic for other countries as they were for the US.
Mar. 1st, 2010 03:57 am (UTC)
Only if the other country was Canada. Or if there weren't any Americans anywhere near medal contention. Clearly they felt that talking enthusiastically about Korean or Chinese or Bellerussian athletes was preferable to dead air time.

But if you were actually trying to WATCH any of the events you would have discovered that they were constantly cutting away from events in progress to cover one American heading down a ski jump and then cutting over to another event where Americans were hopping into a bobsled and so on.
Mar. 1st, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
I was rooting for Canada too. They were much more excited about it than Americans would have been.

However, I still think it would have been hilarious if it had turned out to be Finland v. Slovakia in the final round, leaving all the commentators who had been building up to the final showdown for 2 weeks with absolutely nothing to say.
Mar. 1st, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
It was nice to win although I feel we were not being very Canadian this olympics. I am happy for our athletes but it was a little too rah rah at times for my taste.

The endless shots of our PM, who was too busy to run the country but had time to be at all the big events, was very off-putting.
Mar. 1st, 2010 08:50 am (UTC)
I was pleasantly surprised by how many times Winnipeg was mentioned during the NBC coverage throughout the games. With the Olympics being all the way out west, it would have been way too easy for them to overlook that lovely city of yours in the middle of the country.
Mar. 1st, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
i am glad to hear of the NBC coverage and sorry I missed the references.
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