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Everything I know about Margaret Moth, I know from reading coverage on CNN International. But the two articles and a video documentary clearly demonstrate that she was not a woman who would want to rest in peace, so I won't wish that for her. The CNN camerawoman died today in Rochester, MN, three years after she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"She said she never aspired to be a photojournalist. Rather her path, she explained, was mostly driven by a love of history and her desire to see it unfold firsthand."

And so she did. As today's article says:

"Beyond her rich personality, which included deep optimism and kindness, she brought to her profession top-notch technical abilities, unmatched dedication and an approach to work that inspired others to push themselves.

Moth sought out, even demanded, assignments in conflict zones. She barely survived being shot in the face in Sarajevo in 1992, only to go back as soon as she was physically able.

Last September, I posted my recommendation for CNN's short documentary about Margaret Moth. I was surprised when it drew not just one but ten comments from former colleagues, friends, and strangers who wanted to send their good wishes to her, and to thank her for being such an inspiration in their own lives. A former war correspondent in Central America, a journalist in Nigeria, a survivor from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a friend from New Zealand, and more.

"Dying of cancer, I would have liked to think I'd have gone out with a bit more flair," she said with a laugh last spring during an interview with a CNN documentary crew that had traveled to Texas, where she was visiting friends.

"The important thing is to know that you've lived your life to the fullest," she said then, before tubing down a river in Austin, Texas; taking jaunts to Cape Cod and the Canadian Rockies; and piloting a houseboat up the Mississippi River -- replete with beer and Cuban cigars. "I don't know anyone who's enjoyed life more."

So, yes, rest in adventure and joy, Margaret. Your memory is already a blessing to people around the world and to the world's history. Forever may it be so.


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