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Peepishly Yours...

Peeps A/b/u/s/e/ Research lovingly detailed in Stingl vs. Peeps. And here I thought I was hard on lawnmowers.

Waiting for a Peep at the iPad

For the traditionalists among us, here's a look at just a few of this year's dioramas:

Introductory article and then photos from the Peeps Show at the Riverfront Arts Center in Stevens Point, WI.

The approach is considerably more sophisticated at the Washington Post.

The Chicago Tribune joined in the fun, too. According to the Seattle Times, who are announcing their winners on Easter Sunday, nearly 30 newspapers held Peeps diorama contests last Easter. My Google-Fu is not strong enough to come up with a reliable count for this year. Only that they include: York Daily Record, the Syracuse Post-Standard, the Mason City, Iowa Globe Gazette, the Fort Worth, Texas Star-Telegram, the News & Tribune in Clark County, Indiana, and non-newspaper-based contests like the History versus Classics Peeps Diorama Contest at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. (Links only provided where I could find entries and/or winners.)

Best in Show goes to the originator of Peeps Diorama Contests, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. Outstanding variety and creativity. Bonus points for entries featuring the region (among them Hiawatha Peep, Lutheran Peeps Lining Up For Lutefisk Supper, The Charge of the 1st Peepasota - Gettysburg, and, of course, the Minnesota Peepdish).

Then there were the science entries, including The "PEEP-le" Genome, a peep sized replica of the human DNA double helix, the outstanding Sgt. Peepers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the colorful Peep Pride Parade. Like I said, variety.

Curiously enough, Sgt. Peepers won the Chicago Tribune contest. This is the first time I remember seeing the same diorama entered in multiple contests.

Another gorgeous entry at the Pioneer Press: the Peepling Brothers Circus. Complete with Peep elephants!

Brilliant and timely. The set-up and the one that made me laugh out loud.

The Pioneer Press continues to stretch the little marshmallow guys and those who are obsessed with them. This year, they also sponsored a Peeps in Motion video contest. Wrapping back to where we started, here's Peeps Blow Up.

Who Knew?
And why didn't you tell me?!

Peeps & Company retail store opened a few months ago in National Harbor, MD, aka Oxen Hill, MD. They're even having an outdoor PEEPS art sale starting in just under 13 hours...and it's not even a 7 hour drive.



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