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Both Neil Gaiman (on Twitter) and the House on the Rock have announced a special American Gods theme weekend set at the end of October. Further info at Dane101.com.

It's been years since I've been to House on the Rock, but I visited several times from in the 1980s. A group of us went during Dellcon (a fannish outing to the Wisconsin Dells), and I visited other times with friends and family. It's a fascinating place, and I watched it grow, filling more and more warehouse space with collections both amazing and disappointing. During my last visit, I was most struck by how it had grown into a total reflection of the collection obsession, sacrificing quality to have the biggest, the most, of, well, everything. The hand-carved miniature circus was the most disappointing -- it's the sort of thing I would usually love, but the carving style is such that there's no difference in body shape between the circus performers and the audience. Everyone has the same, chunky look. The miniature circus I saw at The Big E is by far superior. Anyone who's ever given serious thought to the role of "stuff" in our lives is likely to have a strong reaction to the place. T

All of that said, an American Gods weekend at House on the Rock sounds totally like great fun. Neat people, taking another look at a book I loved, seeing the House on the Rock again after decades away from it, during which it's grown even larger under the direction of Art Donaldson, who bought the attraction from its original creator, Alex Jordan, in 1988. Exploring the place and partying with fans and friends.

If money were less of an object than it is in my life, I'd be there in a minute. I hope everyone who goes has a fabulous time! And that they write all about it...and post lots of pictures....


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Apr. 6th, 2010 11:47 am (UTC)
The House on the Rock is real?!
Apr. 6th, 2010 01:09 pm (UTC)
OMG. In the Dane101.com story, there's a quote from Neil's blog: "“I had to tone down my description of it and leave things out in the book in order to make it believable.” Apparently his publishers didn't think The House on the Rock was real, either.

It's totally real. When Alex and Colin are older, you must take a family trip to the midwest if only to visit there. It's an unbelievable place that everyone should visit...once. And more often than that if they chose to after their first experience. That's my less than humble opinion, anyway. It's so far over the top, you'd break a hundred yardsticks trying to compare it to anyplace else you've been. Not in a beautiful way, like the Taj Mahal is beautiful and also man-made, but in a "I didn't know my brain could be so croggled" way.

That's what it was like 20 years ago, anyway, and it looks like it's only become more so in the intervening years.
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