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Why, yes, I *am* a Minneapolis fan...

I just out-partied not just one but two grooms who are each getting married in 9-13 hours. The one who's marrying my niece was being sensible about it all the way, enjoying a late-night cigar on the veranda with his Best Man, an uncle, and a few others in town for the wedding. The other one had been partying hard for hours with his bride and a dozen or so male friends in town for the wedding. He's a southerner; the rest of us were damned Yankees. Once his bride turned in for the night, one of his friends noticed I'd laughed at a few of their jokes and drew me in.

Boiled in Lead's "Rasputin" was a total crowd pleaser, which is just one sign of just how much my kind of people they were. (No, they didn't recognize it, but they also got off on Great Big Sea and one of them asked if I had any Flogging Mollys.)

It's been utterly and totally fabulous fun. And now it's quite, peaceful, and a whole lot less drunk out here on the veranda. Then again, Sweetwater Pale Ale is the first respectable bheer I've seen since I arrived and I did quite enjoy downing the last two of them. (Truth in Linkage Disclaimer: the bheer is much, much, much better than the brewery's obnoxious website.)

I didn't have my camera on the veranda, but the totally together and wonderful Stevie was shooting video.

OMG. I may have out-partied two grooms, but the three folks who wandered off onto the golf course just came hiccuping up the lawn....

They, too, discovered the utter bliss of walking barefoot on the grass. I hear it's better out on the greens. But, y'know, I'm not going to go find out for myself. I can take their word for it. Really, I can.

Glad to be a Minneapolis fan


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Jun. 13th, 2010 02:49 am (UTC)
((Is there an "emoticon" for Thumbs Up! ?))
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