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The weekend

I've spent the weekend down at Fanhihall, dog-sitting for Joe, Edie, & Dan while they were in Florida at the funeral for one of Joe's aunts. I brought along several old boxes of Christmas cards, fully intending to spend most of the weekend writing and addressing them. Instead, I spent most of the weekend working and sleeping.

I'm not complaining. I obviously needed the sleep and the work went really well. It was all focused on getting much-needed business for 2011. I didn't even put doing it off until the last possible minute. That's a win, too. But I've also be trying to reclaim at least some of my Christmas traditions this year, only to find myself 5 days from Christmas morn without a card written or a package sent. Hmmm.

Odds are good I'll at least have a decorated tree this year. That will be a first since, ah, the year before I moved. I hung a few ornaments from a rope-light palm tree my first year at Toad Woods, but I haven't had an actual Christmas tree since 2002 and I've missed it more and more with each year that's passed. Friday night, I bought my first-ever artificial tree, scoring a floor model I liked at Target. The 40% discount they gave me on top of the sale price really took the edge off the purchase. While there, I had a charming conversation with a Target employee who bought his first-ever real tree this year. He loves the smell. I can relate to that, but I can also cut pine boughs from the woods at home if I miss it. I'm looking forward to being able to hang ornaments within a few minutes of pulling into the garage with my lightweight, pre-lit tree.

And maybe I'll still get some cards written, too.


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Dec. 20th, 2010 04:40 pm (UTC)
Sleep is good food.
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