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Full spectrum: the Sunday report

This post is primarily written for people who know or know of Susan Palermo.

I spent the afternoon visiting Susan in the hospital and am heading there again tomorrow to be the patient advocate/comforting presence while her fiancé, Ed, handles various errands that will take him away from the hospital for most of the day. I may be around for a couple of days after that, too, depending on what looks helpful then.

No matter what happens next on the critical medical rollercoaster ride that Susan is on, as of today it's clear that money is both needed and immediately useful. There's likely to be a Facebook donation page and perhaps some sort of medical fund shortly. Susan asked me to post her PayPal account address so friends can quickly can send a contribution to her that way:

Scanner59 at aol dot com -- please remember to use the "Personal" tab.

While direct contributions to Susan are best, if you're more comfortable sending a contribution through me, you can tag a PayPal payment sent to my account as being for Susan and I'll transfer it over. My PayPal account is tied to my regular personal email address. (Please do this for modest contributions only; I don't want to complicate my tax situation.)

Sigh. This feels so much like I'm posting a scam. I wish it weren't Real Life; I wish there wasn't cause to post anything at all.

I'm not posting health specifics until I have a clearer understanding of Susan's wishes and comfort levels on that. My cell phone is turned off while I'm at the hospital and email access is likely to be limited for the next couple of days, but anyone needing more info is welcome to reach me or leave a message and I'll do my best to respond directly.

The rest of the spectrum: the Whisperado gig was fun, relaxing, and joyful. Live music feeds my soul. Moments of transcendent joy do the same. There was one of those near the end of the gig.

Yep, full spectrum all right. And that's okay.


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Jan. 3rd, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
I am in no spot to help out financially and I don't think I've met Susan, which makes my commenting at all a bit weird; but I appreciate and respect the way you are doing what you can to help out your friend. (Question: Wasn't Susan at one point a professional bass player? I know there was *somebody* in New York when I spent a few weeks there in 1979 who was female and gigging on bass, and a local fan, but it was somebody I didn't meet.) I hope things get better for her.
Jan. 4th, 2011 07:53 am (UTC)
Re: Susan
Yep, that's the Susan. The band was Cheap Perfume. Brenda the drummer from that band showed up to visit tonight as did friends from other bands past'n'present. (galacticvoyeur bought his drums from her. I loved meeting her Monday night!)
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