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I'm No Fool! I Voted for TAFF!

Oh, no! Not the Pod!
Oh, no! Not the Pod!
Save the Pod! Vote Charnock for TAFF!
Click for more compelling reasons to vote for TAFF!

There's no day better than April Fool's to send in your TAFF Vote!

Unless, of course, like me, you already voted. Administrators on both sides of the Pond are accepting voting contributions and ballots via Paypal as well as by the traditional check. [The administrators are Anne Gray and Brian Gray (US) and Steve Green (UK.) Addresses and such are on the TAFF ballot available for downloading as both a PDF and Word document.

Votes in this race must reach the administrators by midnight GMT, 26 April 2011 (7pm EST; 4pm PST).

Graham's been my man since Christmas Eve when he put a true original (and thank Gopod for that) "Please don't vote for me for TAFF" on YouTube. It's embedded below and contains at least as many reasons to vote for any of this year's other TAFF candidates as it does to vote for Graham Himself:


Best of luck to Graham, and also to worthy candidates John Coxon, Liam Proven, and Paul Treadaway! TAFF uses fandom's traditional modified Australian ballot where you rank your voting preferences. On my ballot, John came in a very strong second, Paul wasn't very far behind him, and the only reason Liam wrapped up the pack is that I'm less familiar with his fanac than I am with the other three. It's a very strong field and I hope the winner has a fabulous trip to the US and Renovation!

The winner will be announce on the TAFF 2011 LJ community, TAFF's Facebook page, File 770, in Ansible and elsewhere across the fannish firmament.



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