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My perverse day

Congress didn't shut down the government last night, and I finished calculating my taxes. So what am I doing today? I'm going to watch Paul Revere be captured by the British. Well, a reenactment of that small piece of American Revolutionary History, to be precise.

It's happening in lesliet_ma's back yard. Well, not exactly, but if Congress had shut down the government, the reenactors were ready to move from Minute Man National Historic Site to the Lincoln Town Center:

... like the colonists who fought back and eventually routed the British 236 years ago, the history buffs who prepare annually for the region’s Patriots Day activities were already mobilizing to outflank the quarreling members of Congress.

"In Lincoln, Captain Stephen McCarthy of the Lincoln Minute Men said the group would play their commemoration of the capture of Paul Revere by ear tomorrow afternoon. If the park is open, the 3 p.m. event will go off as scheduled at the site along Route 2A where his famed ride ended.

‘‘We are not canceling. We are reconfiguring. If the park is closed, we will direct people to Lincoln Town Center, to Bemis Hall,’’ McCarthy said. ‘‘There is a cemetery across the street there with Revolutionary War soldiers buried in it. It really isn’t that far away, just a 10 minute drive.’’

It really does seem like I should be dumping tea in the harbor instead. Especially since Massachusetts figuratively did so a few months after I moved here:

"As a general rule, Massachusetts will not adopt any federal tax law changes incorporated into the Internal
Revenue Code (“Code”) after January 1, 2005."
So read the instructions for Form 1 of the Massachusetts Resident Income Tax.

Onward! The regulars are coming out!


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Apr. 9th, 2011 08:34 pm (UTC)
"It really does seem like I should be dumping tea in the harbor instead."
Don't tell me you've joined the Tea Party.
Apr. 10th, 2011 12:39 am (UTC)
I'm glad they cancelled
it would be unpaid furlough for a number of friends. though they could get unemployment, that takes over a week and a lot of them are single. I'm lucky, we've got three incomes here.

On the other hand, I am exempt personnel, R&C has to show up because we make the money go to the bank. We would not have gotten a paycheck until the bill was authorized but we'd have gotten paid. Building would have been emptier than it was in December.

(During the slack period, there may be 3,000 people in the facility, mostly on day shifts. During Peak (people started coming back/being brought on as new hires in January and now we have about 11,000 people.)
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