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More from Another Time and Place

In the early days of Minicon, Minn-StF, Rune, or the convention itself sent out a survey. I think it went out with Rune back in the days when the clubzine was sent to all members of the convention.

Minn-StF Archivist quadong has the surveys. They were among the treasures lurking in "The Box in the Basement" that Don Bailey & Margo Bratton unearthed 10-15 years ago. I remember marveling at some of the questions, especially the one that asked respondents their weight. Not only that, most answered and apparently seriously, too.

Then there's the Michigan Carton Company Employee Directory dated October 1956. We've pretty much all seen and used employee directories. How many are listings not of work phones, extensions, or email addresses, but every employee's home address and home phone number? I've never seen one before, and I'm trying to imagine a company issuing such a directory today.

Michigan Carton had over 1,000 employees at the time. Thanks to the directory, transgressive by today's standards, I now know the phone number at my first home, 89 Jordan Street. (We didn't move to 22 Grand Blvd. until the next summer.) The number was 3-3532. WO 3-3532, that is, but only the front of the directory with the phone numbers for the Fountain Street Power Plant and Angell Street Mill, and various departments for nights, Sundays, and holidays include the "WO" (aka Woodward).

Cool. The directory includes the address and phone number of the company president. Lawrence Fell lived at 200 Wahwahtaysee Way. I always loved the name of that road, even before I learned it means firefly in Longfellow's "Hiawatha," as I just did.

At the door on summer evenings,
Sat the little Hiawatha,
Heard the whispering of the pine-trees,
Heard the lapping of the waters,
Sounds of music, words of wonder;
"Minne-wawa!" said the pine-trees,
"Mudway-aushka!" said the water.
Saw the fire-fly Wah-wah-taysee,
Flitting through the dusk of evening,
With the twinkle of its candle
Lighting up the brakes and bushes,
And he sang the song of children,
Sang the song Nokomis taught him;
"Wah-wah-taysee, little fire-fly,
Little flitting, white-fire insect,
Little, dancing, white-fire creature,
Light me with your little candle,
Ere upon my bed I lay me,
Ere in sleep I close my eyelids!"


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