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Currently in my car. In the back seat of my car:

-- 245 books donated by Ben Yalow
-- 171 books donated at the NESFA Clubhouse, including 67 from Tony Lewis and 80 from Lisa Hertel
-- 28 books donated by Mark & Priscilla Olson
-- 99 books donated by Geri Sullivan
-- 119 books donated by Seth Breidbart and other Lunacon Book Raffle winners, transported to the NESFA Clubhouse by Sharon Sbarsky

Total in Geri's car: 662 books. Science fiction/fantasy/genre hardbacks, trade paperbacks, paperbacks, ARCs, and one audio book.

Already in Chicago:
-- 4-6 shopping bags of books from Neil Rest

I had to take the risky step of removing boxes of books already in my car in order to bring home the snow tires that were swapped out today. When I got to Somerville, there were 3 boxes of books in Sharon's car and 4 boxes in the the NESFA Clubhouse. Hmmm. I knew I had room for one or two more boxes of books, but 7 was clearly going to be stretching it.

Lisa had wisely packed books in small boxes easier to tuck in spaces that wouldn't accommodate a bankers box or something larger. But, still, 7 boxes? I had the option of leaving books at the clubhouse; Lisa is going to mail books donated at the NESFA Other Meeting she and her family are hosting this Sunday.

I've been holding the hatch area open for luggage and my usual kipple (Time Machine drive and other computer tech, Squier family history, a bag containing what I hope turns out to be everything I need from Toad Woods to do my taxes since the plan to do them before now did not survive contact with Real Life. But those small boxes? Hmmm...I could make a layer of those and put luggage and kipple on top and still maintain sight lines. Yeah, that'd work.

If it didn't, I could simply stop by the Wales Post Office and ship any books that didn't fit. Back-up plan in place, I headed home.

I'm heading downstairs to the Toy Room. There's still room in the back seat for my computer bag (as planned.) And there's room for more books.

To be continued....

(The book count, not the convention.)


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Mar. 22nd, 2012 04:07 pm (UTC)
That's about 150 in Helen's trunk. Only about one bagful of hardbacks, and I didn't have all the Asimov'ses &c. bagged up in time.
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