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Life is busy. Good busy. Full plate of work, Susan & Gavi here, many fine adventures.

The piece of equipment from Daddy's basement that was thought to be a bearing press or an arbor press turned out to be a Dexter Gate Valve Disc Cutting Machine, made by the Leavitt Machine Company of Orange, Massachusetts. An employee of the current day company, Dexter Innovative Solutions identified the machine from photos I sent to him. He also kindly scanned and sent me 5 pages from a 1931 product catalog. Having the patent number from the catalog helped me further determine the machine's age. Daddy's was marked "Pat.Ap'pd.For" so it was most likely made between January 9, 1920, when the patent application was filed, and June 27, 1922, when the patent was issued. Neat.

It's no longer in the back of my car. The three boxes of wood patterns are gone, too. The May Brimfield show is this week. I'm ever so proud and delighted that I actually went up, talked with dealers, and sold the stuff for a price that met my goals. All in a couple of hours Wednesday afternoon, so that was a win, too.

The other recent delight came Sunday noonish when our informal town historian showed up on my doorstep and handed me 103 pages of Squier family genealogy information dating back to the 1530s or thereabouts. Yowser. I've only spent a few minutes glancing at the pages while counting them. What a treasure.

Susan has been helping me identify ways to rearrange stuff on various shelves and in various cabinets so as to reduce annoyance and make better use of storage space on the main floor of the house. All of the Candlewick crystal and assorted wine glasses are now in cupboards instead of sitting on open shelves in the living room. Huge win! I've never liked the visual appearance of the crystal on those shelves and it got dusty as all get-out, too. Similar progress made in several other areas.

So much for briefly, eh? Brevity is as common to me as clear, flat surfaces are. As in no, nay, never, or at least not for any prolonged period of time.

Onward! Cheers to all.


May. 14th, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Cool that you were able to sell stuff at Brimfields.
It sounds like your father had some great stuff (speaking as someone whose wife actively distracts him if we come across anything that sells tools)


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