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Taxes the Fitzgerald Way

Those who know me won't be in the least bit surprised that I'm spending this weekend doing my taxes. Heck, 15 years ago, Dave Langford had the dubious pleasure of spending the days after Minicon wandering around Toad Hall as I sat on the sofa, tax forms spread the length of fredcritter's coffee table. Well, it was once Fred's coffee table in warm storage at Toad Hall. It's long since mine, and is in the Toy Room here in the Zeppelin Hangar. Great table, but these days I work at my desk, taking full advantage of the screen real estate offered by two computers.

Our Dad never waited until the last minute, but it turns out that both my sister Sue and I are doing the same thing, separated by 800+ miles this mid-April weekend. She gave me permission to share the email she sent a handful of hours ago.

Subject line: Taxes

'tis Saturday evening
of April 13
the time is upon me
to really attack the deed

the time to settle down
and to add up the facts
print out more forms
and get some writers cramps

for sure might be easier
to cave to the times
do them online
for many that is fine

but for me
there is a pattern more my norm
to the journey of decades
filling out all the forms

and so I assemble
the papers before the TV
the calculator
and as many clips as I can see

I start with the easiest
from bank statements and such
gosh... 'tis amazing
more in the banks and way less interest bucks

the journey continues
as itemizing is usually best
I gather the the donation receipts
oh drat...there's no donation form 8283 in this mess

so down to the basement
and as the printer supplies
I write to my sister
who is likely somehow sharing this exercise

American Citizens
comply with each year
The doing of Taxes...
the activity we all hold dear

The notion is futile
No refunds for me
I'll pay to the government
Who spends with great ease

And asks from my share
More tax dollars please
So the weathy can pay a lesser percent
And middle class and poor wonder where all their $$$$ went.

I piss and I moan
But the honor is great
To figure my taxes
Before it's too late

So I bid you adieu
The forms are all there in a pile
And I'll head back upstairs
Leaving you with a little smile.

Love you my sister....
love you, love you, love you.....
but ever so glad
I don't walk in your shoes

To have to pay taxes
Huge chunks at a time
and self-employed Social security
is more than I can hack

Just wanted you to know
I'm thinking of you
Now enough procrastination
I've got TAXES to do!

Later gater,


A couple of hours later, Sue sent a another email with her answer to my permission to post request, but right now it's back to entering the last of PROmote's 2012 expenses for me. When that's done, I'll another break and post it. Or before I head to sleep, at least.


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Apr. 15th, 2013 02:35 pm (UTC)
J does not only our taxes but all four of our (adult) kids', so he doesn't wait till the day before, but was still working on someone's that day. For all I know, he may still have to do something today. And filing for extensions is not unknown around here...
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