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Taxes the Fitzgerald Way (continued)

Progress. Now if I could only find the folder or whatever stack of paper has my Massachusetts 1099-HC and the other bits and bobs that seem to have gone walkabout.

Speaking of going walkabout, the adhesive on an entire box of 3M Nexcare Tattoo bandages appears to have done the same. To be fair, the box is old enough that I don't spot it in more than 350 images a Google image search turned up. So instead of a sporting a smiley face or peace symbol on the 4th finger tip of my right hand, I'm wearing one of those Band-Aid Advance Healing bandages. Boring to look at, mostly invisible, but still the most comfortable adhesive bandage I've ever worn. And no sign of the adhesive going walkabout even though they've been in the cupboard most of a couple years now.

Why, yes, manilla folder paper cuts pack quite a sting. Especially the deep ones. Hmmm...wonder if the bandage is deductible as a tax preparation fee. (S,AS) I'm glad to report that I don't come close to being able to include medical expenses on 1040 Schedule A. Long may it be so.

I'll follow in my sister's footsteps before the sun comes up. It's time get some sleep before slogging my way through the rest of the forms and instructions doing their best to confound me. But first, here's :

back to the basement
who ever heard
of a state form W
I think it's absurb

No W-2's
Can be sent to my state
They want a 8 1/2 X 11
for their scanning please

three sections to complete
to record taxes paid
but nothing about gas tax
or the roads I maintain

no property tax rebates
because I made too much
after all on 50,000
the state doesn't want to go dutch

so doesn't matter
that I pay on 2 houses
one that I live in
and one left by a loved one

one that has taken a year to
empty and get round
and put on a market
where no buyers were found

no tax breaks for me
by the dispassionate bunch
who recline in lifelong comfort
for "serving" us bunch

while we all go to work
for many more years
just to pay taxes
that we all hold so dear

tax on the food
and tax on the car
tax on each purchase
and tax on that jar

tax on the gas
that goes a few miles
tax to support war
and tax we don't ever get back

oh to be sure
tax pays for that light
that shines on my street
and gives off a moon-like glow light

as into my bedroom
window it shines
almost enough to do taxes
yes, I'm fine

back to the papers
and back to the grind
yes...there are missing papers
and things I can't find

doing my best
with what is at hand
share away my sister
I say that you can

whatever with credit
you more likely know best
while I toll away at more pages of taxes
and then head for some rest!

Love you....glad you enjoy my Tax "vent"




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Apr. 14th, 2013 10:40 am (UTC)
The tattoo bandages are still available at http://www.shop3m.com/70071223542.html.

I love the Advance Healing ones, though: I have discovered that they are the best solution for my bunions! They hardly take up any extra width in the shoe but provide enough protection padding.
Apr. 14th, 2013 08:55 pm (UTC)
My now-defunct tattoo bandages had peace symbols and tie-dye art as well as the classic smiley face. From what I could tell from the packaging on Google Images, they're from at least 3 generations of tattoo bandages back. But they're not that old -- they're a post-move purchase, so they're under 9.
Apr. 15th, 2013 02:27 am (UTC)
My insurance company website has a means for me to create and print to my printer my 1099-HC form. which I needed to do yesterday when I did my taxes.
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