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I've been back in the room for about 15 minutes. The 2:27am numbers are pretty much correct for the Corflu bheer tasting, hosted by yours truly, with randy_byers as the fabulous, genial bartender from start to finish, bheer tasting set-up and Saturday night consuite maintenance by carl juarez, Pat Virzi, Ruth Sachter. and vgqn, each a pleasure to work with. I knew that about Pat and KMS from decades of fun times together, and Ruth, too, though more like a dozen years and some. Bice to finally start getting to know carl after all this time. Had a great time shopping with John Lorenz and Ruth Sachter, followed by dinner at Podnah's Pit BBQ. I sent my leftover smoked prime rib home with John & Ruth; I made it through about two-thirds of it.

Party dropped from 9 to 6 Corfluvians sometime between 3 and 4am. Actually, we added 1 in there as Dan Steffan returned around 3 (or was it 4?) after spending the evening at home putting together FAAn Awards for tomorrow's presentation of them. Ah, fandom, it's so reassuring to see similar traditions of yore alive and doing so very well.

Anyway, 6 of us sat around the smaller of the two conference tables for a good long while stretching to 4:30, 4:45 or so, then Lynn, Dan, and I cleaned up for 15-20 minutes and talked a bit after that. Toddled downstairs to unwind a bit more, carrying the remains of the Klamath Basin's Vanilla Porter and Brouwerij Huyghe's Delirium Tremens. And here I thought I didn't like Belgian Ales....

Good times. Have many bheer photos and Post-Its. May even manage to publish at least some of them in some form, um, soon?

Corflu banquet starts at 11am. Must shower before then. Hmmm...how soon do I need to be back up? 'night, all.


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