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Some number of things makes a post

1) Skin'n'bones Jinx is happily eating food with salmon oil added to it. Early signs are this is successfully dealing with the hairball issue. She doesn't feel like she's gaining weight, but she continues to act healthy and she's barely barfing at all, so I hold onto hope as I continue coaxing her with luxurious canned food.

2) Continuing on the cat front, they have both been demonstrating what mighty hunters they are of late. Tillie showed up at the patio door with a small bird in her mouth. Jinx seems to have taken that as a challenge and showed up in the same spot two day later with a bird nearly three times the size. Not to be outdone by her daughter, Tub o'Tillie bagged a chipmunk a few days after that. The mighty hunters of course want to parade their prey around inside. I've learned to check their mouths before opening the screen to let them in. If they catch it inside, they're allowed to gloat inside. But their outdoor kills can stay right there. Tillie continues her utterly adorable habit of picking up a catnip mouse and parading around the house loudly meowing what a mighty hunter she is before dropping the mouse somewhere near me.

3) Susan and Gavi expect to arrive here at Toad Woods this Friday afternoon (whee!), giving us a couple of weeks together (triple whee!) before Gavi moves back to Smith for her Junior (Yowser! Junior!) Year. (How the heck did that happen? She's wondering the same....) After Susan heads west, I'll have about six days before Jack shows up from Chicago for the September Brimfield show and the New England Carnival Glass Association's annual convention in Leominster.

4) Three days after Jack leaves (unless he decides to stay for it), the 23rd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony takes place on Thursday, September 12, at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA. Big fun in person (do come if you can!) and also from the comfort of computers everywhere via the live webcast. Details of the 2013 ceremony and, if you'd like a sense of what to expect, or just a warm-up while waiting for 6pm September 12th, here's the video of the 22nd First Annual Ceremony last year:

5) So, yes, lots of socializing these next 5 weeks. All during a busy work time, of course, but that does tend to be how these things go....

6) I've been approved for a streamlined HARP refinancing of my mortgage at a welcome, lower interest rate (while also knocking a year off the length). Closing is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Fingers crossed all goes as smoothly as it has so far!

7) Training for the upcoming social whirl has included two recent BBQs with friends, one with an added pool party thrown in. Also, a sunny afternoon with Ben at Citi Field enjoying the Mets beating the Phillies 5-0, with all of the scoring thanks to 3 home runs. Fun. And a rainy evening with debgeisler and benveniste at LeLacheur Park waiting for the last of the Jack Kerouac bobbleheads, then bailing instead of waiting another sodden hour to learn the game was cancelled due to rain. Also fun.

8) Things have been going well on several fronts, including my return to knitting. Once I add two short sleeves, two pockets, and three buttons to a dress for my great-neice, it will be ready to send her way. It's pretty certain to get there before she outgrows it.

9) Still ahead: moving from my current (old and failing) laptop to a shiny, newer, refurbished laptop ('cause I love, love, love the 17" screen on the MacBook Pro). Alas, moving to a current OS means moving away from Eudora, the email program I've used ever since I had my own email account. Arrrgh. I dread this. I know many have gone before me, carving the path and leaving lots of info and advice in their wake, but I utterly dread this. It's time to do it anyway. So, yeah, minnehaha K., it's not that I went ahead without learning from your experience, it's that my powers of procrastination are mighty.

10 and final) After living here a mere nine years and trying five different hair stylists interspersed with cuts by Brenda Wodnick at Zina's every time I made it to Minneapolis, I landed with Massachusetts stylist #6 for the win. My hair looked great at Corflu thanks to Krissi at Jeffrey Robert Salon in Sturbridge, and I have my third appointment with her Wednesday afternoon. I was with two of those previous five stylists for longer than I've been with Krissi, but only twice before in my life have I been as happy with my stylist as I am with her. Brenda (~1992-on) and Jimmy (back in the early- and mid-1980s). So, yeah, one more piece of ongoing satisfaction and happiness worked out. Whew.



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Aug. 7th, 2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
Yay for #6 and #10 especially. I was extremely lucky that although my first haircut here was a horrible (and very expensive) disaster, I found my current hairdresser for the very next cut. (And now she's my personal trainer, too :-> )
Aug. 7th, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)

How awful for you on that first cut in your new homeland! I'm glad you struck gold the second time out. Fortunately, none of my haircuts in search of a stylist were horrible, they just never really "took." The cuts were never anywhere close to the same league as any of Brenda's cuts. I tried several times with a couple of the stylists, giving us time to settle into each other and for the stylist to become familiar with my hair. They were serviceable, but neither the cut or the interpersonal relationship clicked. I am relieved beyond words to at last have a stylist I want to go to who also happens to be closer than 1,350 miles away.

When Jimmy moved to New York back in the mid-1980s, I gave serious thought to keeping him as my stylist. Yes, flying to New York 4-6 times a year would have been extreme, but, hey, I would have then been in New York with fabulous hair once I was finished with each appointment. If I'd been a lottery winner, I would have done it. But then, would I have met Brenda? Just as well, I suppose.
Aug. 7th, 2013 10:50 pm (UTC)
My first cut was the result of web research on "people who know how to cut curly hair in Melbourne." Didn't find out until I got there that they had a sliding price scale and because my hair was "difficult," I got the (I kid you not) Artistic Director at the salon, paid a mint, and got a layered cut that bushed-out as it grew and looked terrible. (I was surprised also that at this expensive salon, when you got color you had to sit at a long table while it set across and next to other people getting color. Also, separate people did the color and the cut.)

Luckily, I then found a site called naturallycurly.com and in a thread from a few years back about people who could cut curly hair in Melbourne, my current stylist was mentioned. She was only at that salon for another two months and then moved to another, so I could have easily missed her altogether, which would have been a great loss.
Aug. 11th, 2013 06:26 am (UTC)
I won't be upgrading my Mac OS until its pried from my (increasing artritic maybe) fingers because I'd have to abandon Eudora - I haven't found anything that touches its functionality - and I use a lot of it.
What will be using?
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