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Signs of the season

The following is still amusing me 3.5 days after I received it, so I figured I'd share it with you:

"Due to an acute case of December, the [event] is being postponed from 12/22 to 12/29.

"Same time 3:00-5:00PM

"Hope you all have lovely holidays!"

Yep, "an acute case of December" describes my current state perfectly. Now, if only I could squeeze another week in here....

That said, I'm doing what I always do with Christmas: I'm focusing on enjoying it. I enjoy what I do, and I do what I enjoy. Over the past several months, I enjoyed shopping for the presents that I would have liked to have shipped, oh, that missing week ago, but I'm not fretting that they're not yet wrapped let alone shipped. No worries, "that's just the way it is here." I am extremely resistant to letting obligation have a voice in my holiday plans and activities. I do what's enjoyable any given year and eschew things and emotions that are likely to take away from that joy. It's my utterly selfish approach to Christmas and I make no apologies for it.

However, I would enjoy having an additional week slipped in between now and next Wednesday.

Happy, happy. Merry, merry. See you on the Funway.


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Dec. 22nd, 2013 01:02 pm (UTC)
My Iowa sister and I are celebrating our holidays with each other (Yule for her, Christmas for me) sometime between MLK Day and Valentine's. No battles at the Post Office in the midst of the holiday rush, plus it spreads the holiday joy out over a longer period.

I'll still have Christmas on the usual schedule with the rest of my (local) family, but at least one piece of the holiday won't be stressing me out. :-)
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