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Progress! 2013 Nights Away From Home

I'm home a day early from New Year's festivities in order to be home, sweet safely warm home before the Nor'easter has a chance to get here. That means I'm unexpectedly getting 2014 off to an excellent start on the nights at home front. Casting my eyes back to 2013, I'm profoundly pleased and relieved to have finally returned to my pre-2011 pattern. In 2011, I was away from Toad Woods 154 nights. 2012 was still absurdly high at 133 nights. This past year, I was gone for a mere 64 nights, putting me happily here in the Zeppelin Hangar for 301 nights! Home 82% of the time and gone just 18%. Win!

As usual, * = more than one stay.

City, State List

Danbury, CT
Stamford, CT

Chicago, IL
Lombard, IL

Boothbay Harbor, ME Edited to add

Boston, MA
Danvers, MA*
Leominster, MA
Middleton, MA*

Battle Creek, MI
Lansing, MI

Altamont, NY
Niagara Falls, NY
Tarrytown, NY
Yorktown Heights, NY

Portland, OR

Clarion, PA

Toronto, ON Canada

Eight states and 1 foreign (albeit North American) country. Mostly the same places I stayed in 2012, with some minor changes. One night at 35,000 feet flying back from Portland, OR. One night of driving followed by a brief nap in Ypsilanti, MI before visiting with Anne & Rosie Gray, snagging a shower, and continuing on toward Chicago. One night at a hotel somewhere in NY or PA, but darned if I remember where. And maybe a few nights here or there that I didn't note in my calendar. It doesn't seem like the entire year went by without staying overnight in the Bronx, but maybe....

Overnight visitors were here for 41 nights. They included:
Gavi Levy Haskell (31 of those nights, with visits in March, May, August, and November!)
Gavi's roommate & housemates Tricia, Kat, & a delightful young woman who already has a doctor's handwriting
Fred Levy Haskell
Susan Levy Haskell
Jack Targonski

Sheila Perry was here on March 30th, but I think she headed home that night rather than the next morning. My notes have me at Deb & Mike's for 10 nights spread over 5 stays; that's light compared to past years.

Conventions in 2013 included Arisia, Boskone, Corflu, Windycon, and Smofcon. It was my first Corflu and and my first Smofcon since 2007, and my first trip to the west coast since 2006. In 2014, I expect to be at ConFusion, Boskone, Corflu, Detcon 1, and Fencon. Maybe ConQuesT. (Hope so!) I have attending memberships to Loncon 3 and Shamrokon, but the odds are nowhere near suggesting I might make it across the Pond come August. They'll be hard to miss, but I've had a lot of practice missing conventions I really want to be at, especially in the last 6 years, and the rest of the year is already in stretch mode. So until I win the lottery....

See you on the Funway!

Numbers edited to include October trip to Boothbay Harbor and Monhegan Island.


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Jan. 2nd, 2014 05:17 pm (UTC)
It was great to see you in Portland, Geri. That beer tasting was mass fun, you mass fun generator, you!
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