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RIP Milo. Nameste.

Why yes, I do know how to pose for the camera
Milo in my office, right next to my desk chair, smack dab between me at work and me being anyplace else.

Sentry Milo, redux
Milo at Conant Brook Dam. Our favorite place for walks.

On April 8th, Marc Abrahams tweeted "Many of you who met Milo, our improbable, socially-challenged-yet-charismatic dog. Milo went peacefully, today." Marc shared the sad news in email, but I missed his public mention of it, and held off on making my own until I checked with him. It was a bit my news, but it was totally his and Robin's.

I treasure rich memories of Milo's three years of vacations here at Toad Woods, from his trial visit in 2008 to week-long stays while Marc & Robin were traveling, typically overseas. Milo's vacations here ended three years ago when Tillie and Jinx moved in. Cats were squirrels as far as Milo was concerned. Their purpose in life was to be be his prey, to get impossibly excited about as only Milo could. Or so I'm given to understand. We never tried to introduce them.

But Milo continued to greet me joyfully during each visit to the Improbable Research headquarters in Cambridge and there was never any doubt that he would have gleefully jumped in the Cardis for another vacation at Toad Woods, never appearing to hold it against me that we didn't do that any more.

So now I miss Milo as well as Baskerville, Willow, Brandywine, and Kachinka, all dogs I've loved over the past, urk, 42 years. Oddly enough, I don't miss Wags, the dachshund of my childhood. Well, maybe a little, but Wags was clearly Daddy's dog. I had closer relationships with the parakeets we had throughout the years of my childhood than I did with Wags.

Nameste, Milo. You were an energy-generating joy to be around.



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Apr. 18th, 2014 12:38 pm (UTC)
I am so sorry for your loss.
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