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Giving thanks

In these wee hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning, I am especially thankful to my father because the right socket and a ratchet handle beat the came-with-the-new-office-chair knock-off Allen wrench hands down and then some when it comes to putting said chair together. Said socket and ratchet followed me home from his basement workshop when we were cleaning out the house after his death. It's already been three years, and I'm usually as okay as one can be, but a few days ago I was standing in a grocery store and found myself missing him madly. Tonight, I was just thankful that he gladly and eagerly taught his all of his children how to use and respect tools, not just the boy-child.

I'm also especially thankful that Gavi is spending her Thanksgiving break here at Toad Woods, and that she prefers the companionship of setting up a work table in my office instead of being in a different room (or even a different floor -- there's a desk in the primary guest bedroom). Because said chair is now assembled and oh, so comfortable, and rolls oh, so smoothly instead of sitting in the box it arrived in...um...very early September. There would have been room for her even with the chair still in its box over by the supply bureau, but it was nice to have a motivational date for getting the job done, and tonight was it.

Much as I miss Tillie and Jinx, I'm also happy knowing that I won't be applying decorative duct tape to said chair to keep the innards from spilling all over the floor after Tillie and her claws had her way with it for a few months. She and Jinx left most household furnishings alone, but the vertical blinds in the dining area and my old office chair were the exceptions. Jinx left the chair alone since she wasn't inclined to seek close-up attention from her human. Tillie was rather the opposite of her daughter in that regard.

The old office chair served me well for seven years then limped along through one more year after it was worn out. Not bad for an $89 deal at Staples bought in Michigan to get me through a few weeks working at my sister's dining room table after she had hip replacement surgery. Not bad at all considering how much time I spend at my desk. The new chair is sturdier. Comfortable, too, and probably more so once I figure out the various settings and adjustments.



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Nov. 25th, 2014 04:40 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on the new office chair. I just got a new one for my home office too, and after several months of using a standard non-swivel barely-cushioned (I used a pillow) kitchen chair, it's a huge relief. May we have years of it!
Nov. 25th, 2014 08:36 pm (UTC)
I love your tag for this post and I love this post.

I am subsisting on a surprisingly comfortable Ikea office chair that I bought in a panic when I had to finish a book in a hurry, which would mean probably 2006 or maybe '07. One armpiece not only came off but actually vanished -- I suspect cats -- but I've put some makeshift padding on it. I do look forward to a new chair at some point, though, and am glad to hear of yours.

Nov. 26th, 2014 12:09 am (UTC)
Congrats on it all
my office chair makes a slightly alarming 'thunk' when I sit in it, but I don't want to replace it until we move and I replace it ALL. (desk was cheap and is kind of rickety. When they cleaned while we were gone, they moved it and it feels moreso.
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