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2014 Nights Away from Home

Last year, I celebrated being home a more normal number of nights compared to the absurdities of 2011 and 2012. Yowser, I was home even more in 2014!

Total nights gone:

By the time 2014 ends, I will have spent just 43 nights away from Toad Woods. That's home 88% of the time and gone just 12%. That may well be the most time spent at home since I moved here!

As usual, * = more than one stay.

City, State List

Long Beach, CA*
Manhattan Beach, CA

Boston, MA
Danvers, MA*
Framingham, MA
Middleton, MA*

Dearborn, MI
Detroit, MI
Ypsilanti, MI*

Verona, NY

Clarion, PA

Middletown, RI

Addison, TX

Stowe, VT

Overnight visitors were here for 44 nights in 2014, one more night than I was gone. They included:

• Bill Higgins
• Sandra Bond
• Gavi Levy Haskell* (27 of those nights, with visits in May, July, and November!)
• Susan Levy Haskell
• Karen Cooper
• Ben Yalow
• Joe Siclari & Edie Stern
• Doug Faunt*
• Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Good times. Y'all come back now, hear?

Conventions in 2014 included ConFusion, Boskone, Detcon1, FenCon, and Smofcon. I regretfully cancelled on Corflu at the last minute after the Cardis got rear-ended in Sturbridge and wasn't fit for the drive to North Carolina. As expected, I didn't make Loncon 3 or Shamrokon despite having memberships to both.

Thanks to the Corflu Fifty, I'm heading to the other side of the Pond in 2015! The fund is taking me to Tynecon III–The Corflu and I'm then staying over for Dysprosium the following weekend. So my 2015 nights away from home list will include Newcastle-upon-Tyne, London, and other English cities and towns. As for the rest, I'll make it up as the year passes. The only other certainty at this point is Boskone. And lots of work.

See you on the Funway!


Dec. 30th, 2014 03:15 am (UTC)
I love these lists. I've been in, or really near, or at least driven right past, all the cities on your visit list, though I had to look some of them up. (Addison: ah, northern suburb of Dallas. Right next to Richardson. Yeah, I've been around there.) Last addition: Stowe, which I drove through on my northern New England presidential-sites trip a few years back.

And I've met at least 8 of your 11 guests.

Have more fun next year!


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