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The Kickstarter clock just turned over to 28 hours to go on the campaign for the Cats Laughing reunion concert at Minicon 50.

The campaign currently has 282 backers and is just over $20,000, which means that not only will the reunion concert happen (complete with rehearsals beforehand), it will be Livestreamed, there will be a concert CD, and a concert DVD! They're aiming for Stretch Goal Tier Four, which would include an Opening Act (to be named later, IIUC), various audio and video improvements, and a T-shirt cannon. They're already well enough along on the 4th Stretch Tier that they've added Scott Keever as an additional Cat, bringing the band to its original Cat 5 size.

Beyond the sheer fact that it's happening, I'm most excited about the Livestream of the concert because that's the only way I'll be able to see it in real time. I'm jumping at the unexpected chance to attend Eastercon thanks to the Corflu Fifty (fan fund) sponsoring my trip to Tynecon III: The Corflu in Newcastle upon Tyne the weekend before. I've only wanted to go to Eastercon for 25 years and then some. It's pretty much the only thing I can imagine voluntarily keeping me away from Minicon 50 even before plans were hatched for the Cats Laughing reunion there. Meg Frank and I will be at Dysprosium and plan to watch the concert in whatever wee hours it runs. I hope we're able to turn it into a viewing party with others there. Twenty-four hour fandom lives!

So, yes, I'm supporting the Cats Laughing Kickstarter. For $73, of course. $19.73 would have worked, but I wanted to support (and get a copy of) the concert DVD even before I knew if they'd hit the funding level needed to create it. $197.30 and other likely permutations were appealing, but beyond my current means so I resisted temptation.

Most people reading this post have likely already supported the campaign at whatever level works for them. But a few could be reading about it for the first time here. If so, and if you're so inclined, please head on over to the Cats Laughing Reunion Concert Kickstarter page before midnight Saturday Minnesota time and kick in whatever works for you. Or just add a comment telling Dee & Corwin Brust how awesome they are for launching the campaign in the first place. You can also follow the updates on the Cats Laughing Facebook page, open so those of us not there can see it.

Whoohoo! Yay, Cats Laughing!

(Why, yes, the reunion concert makes me extraordinarily happy. So glad it's happening, and to be helping make that so.)


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Jan. 17th, 2015 02:11 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm delighted this is all going to happen. I'm not, however, going to take part in it, because I've resisted getting PayPal or anything like it -- I simply can't trust myself in that situation and would end up broke or milliions of dollars (give or take a few) in debt. Have Fun.

Jan. 17th, 2015 02:48 am (UTC)
I grok you. I avoided having an eBay account for more than a decade, and estimated that saved me thousands of dollars. Fortunately, I gained the required skills for resisting temptation and in most of 15 years, I've bid on only 11 auctions there and won 9 of them, never for more than I was willing to pay when I first bid.

My Kickstarter record isn't quite that pristine: in just under 3 years, I've supported 10 projects counting this one. There are certainly lots more I'd like to help fund, and looking around Kickstarter during the Cats campaign led to my supporting two of them. One is clearly for business, which helps a bit.

I'm not quite clear on whether Amazon Prime pays for itself or not. Some years, it certainly has. Not having to meet a minimum order amount for free shipping certainly cuts down on my casting about for other things I might w/a/n/t/ need when buying something, but it also eases impulse purchases.

I'm glad to share the delight that the project is happening and applaud your healthy sense of self-protection. It's clearly done well by you and it's taken me long enough to develop one when it comes to financial matters that I still hold that particular form of self-discipline in high esteem.

Jan. 17th, 2015 02:04 pm (UTC)
Jan. 17th, 2015 03:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks Gerri!
This post was a lovely first read of the day. (And of course, it's always joyous to hear someone excited about something that you, yourself, are gleeful about. Really glad we got the DVD funded. David and I had pretty much agreed at onset to do our utmost to deliver the concert video whatever happened; I feel fortunate indeed that we'll have the resources to make artistic and technical capabilities the fulcrum.
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