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Attention Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

The more I think about it, the less I want to move my TV east with me. The 1200+ miles of road vibration aren't likely to do it any favors, especially since its was one of the few original boxes I didn't save.

So if anybody is in a mood to impulse buy some 2-year-old AV gear and furniture to go with it at what I think is are fairly attractive prices, please let me know ASAP.

$275 Panasonic 27" flat screen color TV. Model CT-27SX11E; purchased
Fall, 2001, from Audio King. Reviews available at

$35 Panasonic VCR, model PV-V4611, 4 head, stereo, VCR+
Purchased Fall, 2001, from Audio King. Reviews also available at

$250 Audio/video entertainment unit. Wood; Mission style, mid-sized.
Shelves on left behind glass'n'wood door; storage below behind wood
doors. Purchased Fall, 2001, from HOM.

$35 Coffee table -- painted solid wood, good-sized-to- large
rectangular table that has a handy shelf tucked just a few inches
under the top. Great for books, magazines, and paper kipple you
want near at hand but out of the way. Not a standard coffee table;
originally a store display table.

(Note: If I don't sell the TV, I won't sell the entertainment unit. The person buying the TV has right of first refusal on the entertainment unit. The VCR is available with or without the sale of other items.)

I also have:

-- an office credenza (the heavy pressed wood style sold at office
superstores) in good condition, but which may need to be disassembled
to get out of the attic;
-- an office desk of the same stuff that is solid but with heavily worn laminate;
-- an unpainted, solid wood dresser with protective glass top; and
-- three of the tall, 13" wide, adjustable bookshelves that tuck into about
anywhere and hold more than I expected them to. Two are 13x9.5x72";
one is 13x9.5x60",

I'd like a *little* something for this stuff, but down in the $5-25 range -- mostly I want it to go away before Monday.

Email direct to me in the preferred contact method, though I can also take *fast* *short* phone calls regarding the stuff for sale. First claimed is first served. Must be removed before Monday.


There's also a bunch of free stuff on the front porch ***for people who know me.*** Here's the deal on that:

-- Call first and let me know you're going to come look through the free stuff. Then come, but don't let me get distracted by chatting with you -- I've too much sorting and packing still to be do.

-- Don't take the shovels, ice chopper, or floor mats.

-- Don't take the butcher block; Minnehaha K sold it for me on eBay and the people driving up from the Wisconsin Dells on Friday will be justifiably annoyed if it's gone...and Karen and I will want the money from you.

-- The stuff that the temporary tables are made out of and that's tucked under the tables is Minicon's; don't take it. Don't worry; it looks like Minicon's -- some of it is labeled such, or 7MPLS3. You'll know.

-- The stuff to the right (north side) of the door has people's names on it -- don't take that unless you're the person named.

The books and other stuff in the boxes on top of the temporary tables is available. The shelf brackety things are available, as are the frogs on the windowsills above the freebie tables. The brown wood chair with the cushions is yours for the taking. It's lightweight *and* sturdy; easy to transport. The frog toilet seat cover is available, as are the cute, new flannel PJs. Etc. More is likely to show up as I continue sorting. I'd really like a lot of it to go away *before* Saturday night's house cooling party. Besides, it's easier to see what's there in the daylight.

The free stuff is first come, first served.

Phone calls to say when you're coming are okay, but queries or anything requiring more than 15-30 seconds on the phone via email only, please. I'll respond if I can.

Thanks, all. Hope you find some stuff you want...for yourself, or for those last-minute prezzies.



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