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Fanzines from Tynecon III: the Corflu

I picked up or was handed several fanzines and related publications in relation to this year's Corflu. Here's the list, somewhat organized and then re-organized during an edit after posting.

Received the Sunday before Corflu

Caroline Mullan and Brian Ameringen arranged Sunday brunch at a local pub on my behalf. Joseph Nicholas, Judith Hanna, and Rob Hansen all showed up bearing items they'd already done to have ready for Corflu.

The Night Is So Black That The Darkness Cooks from Joseph Nicholas. 10 pages A4.

Nonsense said the Numbat #2 from Judith Hanna. 6 pages A4.

Corrected to add: THEN: The Audio 2 audio cds from Rob Hansen, who digitized tapes supplied by Peter Weston.

Received at Corflu

Flipping Heck #3 from David Hicks. 10 pages A4, with thanks to Dave for numbering his pages.

Vibrator 2.0.14 from Graham Charnock. 18 pages A4.

TAFFWORLD (TAFF newsletter) from Jim Mowatt. 6 pages A4 including the ballot. Note: voting closes 23:59 on Tuesday 7th April 2015 (British Summer Time aka UTC+1). Here's the online ballot.

Wave Without a Shore #2 from Tom Becker. 4 pages A4, published at Corflu, just in time for the 5pm Saturday panel, "We Get the Fandom We Create" and discussed in its pages.

SAM #17 from Steve Stiles. 6 pages, US letter size.

Banana Wings #58 from Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer. 52 pages A5.

Nowhere Fan #3 from Christina Lake. 12 pages A5

Unreliable Narrator #3: Vienna Calling from Doug Bell. 16 pages A5

"Wolf for TAFF!" campaign flyer from Murray Moore. 2 pages US letter size.

Tynecon III: the Corflu publications

Tyne Capsule fanthology celebrating Gannetfandom. Edited & published Rob Jackson and distributed with the Corflu program book. 80 pages A4.

Programme Book edited by Graham Charnock. 34 pages plus covers A4. (Including an article "Rude Dancing" by yours truly.)

Pocket Programme from Doug Bell, Claire Brialey, Christina Lake, and Mark Plummer. 4 pages A5.

Restaurant and Pub Guide from Pat & Harry Bell. 3 pages A4.

"We Get the Fandom We Create" programme pre-reading from Geri Sullivan. 1 page A4. (Many thanks to Claire Brialey for editing and Rob Jackson for printing.)

Auction takings

ATOM 2000 (second edition) and The Millennium ATOM (first edition). Collections of Arthur Thomspon art published by Ken Cheslin, 2000. 102 and 116 A4 pages plus covers respectively. I dropped out of bidding, then Nigel Rowe continued bidding on my behalf, gifting them to me and starting a an auction-livening trend.

SPANG BLAH #19 published by jan howard finder 1978. 16 pages US letter size, all Jim Barker art, originally intended to be a cartoon duel with Phil Foglio. "A bargain of Barker," indeed! Tucked inside: a half-page flyer for Novacon 9 West (in Albany, NY).

In sum: 142 pages in 12 publications new in time for Corflu, 122 pages in 5 publications published by the convention, and luggage'n'budget-constrained 234.5 pages in 3 publications bought at auction. 504.5 pages all told, including covers! No wonder I haven't finished (and, indeed, have barely started) reading it all yet!


Apr. 1st, 2015 10:41 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's quite a haul! Looks like some good stuff. I think I failed to buy a supporting membership, so I hope Rob has some extras of the fanthology for sale.


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