Geri Sullivan (gerisullivan) wrote,
Geri Sullivan

Destination Dreamwidth

I've ported everything prior to this post over to Dreamwidth; I'm gerisullivan there, too. This is likely to be my last post here.

While I've been posting to LJ rarely of late, my intention is to try to figure out enough of how DreamWidth works to reach and follow a similar audience there. The first step was finding a theme that I could bear to read; the default from back when Dreamwidth was in beta was typographically appalling.

I won't be cross-posting to LJ from anywhere. I have been posting and reading more on Facebook since finally relenting and joining it in August 2015.

Yep, it's LJ's new TOS. At this point, I'm not interested in having to wonder if what I write might violate Russian law, especially since I don't read the language. They've made it both too rude and too risky to stay.

I also turned off automatic payments. Since I had a paid account, technically this account is mine until May 2018. I haven't yet decided whether I'm going to delete it before then. Probably, but probably not this week or even this month. I'm looking for a Mac-friendly archiving tool; I used one successfully during a TOS scare several years ago, much my quick look yesterday only turned up a PC tool and a more-complex-than-I'm-going-to-deal-with answer for Macs.

Onward! See you on the Funway....
Tags: dreamwidth

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