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My liaison beat me to it...

Yes, it's after 3am. As tammylc just posted, the ConFusion Dead Dog (or Dead Minerva) party still had four people at it when I handed over host duties for whatever remains of the night. I could have left a couple hours earlier, and even made minor efforts in that direction, but I'm ever so much more pleased to have been able to tell fredcritter that we were up in the consuite telling sex stories when he called to let me know he'd woken from the nap he'd been taking and was safely on the road to Ann Arbor, just the beginning of his long drive home.

Editing? Sentence length? Right.

It's been a marvelous ConFusion, and I extend my thanks to all who did so much to make it so. Must finish tonight's portion of the packing and get to sleep so I can get up in, um, something like 3.5-4 hours in order to finish the packing and be downstairs for breakfast by 9am. Eep.

Fine times, finestkind. I've gone to a lot of conventions I've never been to before in the last six years. I've had good and excellent times at most of them. ConFusion rocks. I hope very much to return next year.

Um. Er. <lj user="tammylc" should note that my comments about significantly increased rates of typos when exhausted don't seem to have been proven true by this post. Unless all of my typos are also other, properly-spelled words, just not the ones I meant to use right there.... That sentence length on the other hand....


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Jan. 26th, 2004 04:23 pm (UTC)
Does not closing an HTML tag count as a typo, he asked innocently?

Here's the closing angle bracket, gratis - >

I'll let someone else apply it to the proper location.
Jan. 27th, 2004 08:06 pm (UTC)

Typo, yes. But it's the exact kind of typo I make *all* the time, regardless of how tired I am, or am not.

My theory regarding the correlation of exhaustion level and typos would have had me leaving out the closing angle bracket in at least two, and, more likely, all three places it was needed.

Apologies for the serious reply to your entertaining comment.
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