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Lunacon 50: Saturday

Reset alarm clock four times; get up between alarms 3 and 4. Chat with Joe, check email, drink coffee, get ready to get on road. Spend most of a half-hour removing ice from car and loading up this and that.

Slither down driveway. Stop just before bottom, get out and shovel ghu knows how many pounds, kilos, tons of plow mounds -- there was no way my car would have gone through the foot and more of ice slush'n'chunks. Finally pull out of driveway at 11:05. Donato's painting demo started 5 minutes earlier. Fortunately, it was scheduled to last 2 hours and the hotel was only a half-hour away. Clear roads. I remember clear roads. Nice.

Arrive at Lunacon, register, and make it for the last hour of "Hand Job." Not only was he painting by hand, he was paint a hand. His father-in-law's hand, to be precise. From a photo, his father-in-law not being present to the best of my knowledge.

Truly interesting. Good start. Next couple of hours are jumbled; the following things didn't happen quite in this order, and I'm no doubt spacing bits. So it goes.

Wander around; chat with folks; finally make it up for my first pass through the art show. Tasty. Fortunately, it appears to be safe -- the non-existent money that's been burning a hole in my pocket this past week remains unspent as of tonight. I eventually picked up a bidder number and bid on one piece of Bonnie Atwood's jewelry, and suffered a few flights of fancy when I realized I'd misread the minimum bid on Marc Fishman's "Spring." It's $4K rather than $9K. That sounds so much more afforable in comparison. Well, it does. Nah, it's a sheer wish fulfillment piece, and if I were dropping $4K on art -- which I'm not -- I'd be after one of Richard Power's abstracts, or double-checking the price on Donato's "Spring Dove" / "Jessmyn."

Swap various stuff with benyalow, including smofbabe's winter coat, which will be summering at debgeisler and benveniste's. Talk with Saul Jaffe; glad to hear of recent improvements in his life.. Find Birch Room, thanks to Ted Atwood, Catch Donato's "How I Got Started" slide show and talk there. Stay for Steve Hickman's slide show. His step-by-step examples are fascinating.

Back to the art show. One quick pass through the Dealer's Room. Excellent dinner (Aquario, in West Harrison. Portuguese & Brazilian). Must go back for the Fisherman's Rice Seafood Stew, and to have the slugs in cognac sauce w/linguini appetizer again. Luscious.

My plan to head back to Fanhihall relatively quickly fell by the wayside, and after a truly enjoyable evening, I gave Joe a ride home somewhat after midnight. This short note grew considerably longer that I planned, and that's even with jumping over the post-dinner details in the interest of wrapping this up and post it. Then there were the friendly distractions in the form of fanzines Joe was looking through and kept calling to my attention. That's always good for making time disappear.

We're supposedly headed out the door again in 6 hours. Yeah. Right. Sure........

Sleep now. Hope to do more than the quickest of hellos with prydera before hitting the road home Sunday afternoon. And a few other folks, too.

Yep, I wanted to come to Lunacon!


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Mar. 18th, 2007 08:07 am (UTC)
Swap various stuff with benyalow, including smofbabe's winter coat, which will be summering at debgeisler and benveniste's.

Many thanks to everyone involved in this annual transaction :->
Mar. 18th, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
I like Donato's "Construct of Time" best and since I can't buy it, I think of buying a print every now and then.
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